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Use your ninja skills to defeat enemies in Clash of Ninja

With Joygames forging ahead with its rather aggressive Clash Of Ninja plans, it's looking even less and less likely that the developer will turn its attention to the Naruto clash of ninja story mode SLG that players have been asking for.Recent rumors also suggested that Naruto clash of ninja story SLG had been scrapped in favor of a Clash Of Ninja map expansion.It seems likely that the Clash of ninja game port didn't meet sales expectations, otherwise Joygames may be more willing to move forward with a Ninja games online port of Clash Of Ninja.
But just in case Clash Of Ninja players have somehow grown bored with all of the gameplay options on offer, Joygames has released yet another free update for the game.With Joygames set to launch in just a few months, fans have been wondering which major third party releases will make their way to Joygames' new console.Several months ago, rumors began circulating that Joygames naruto's multiplayer component, Ninja games online was to add a Clash of ninja online expansion after some high resolution images of the virtual metropolis surfaced on the Internet.

Although it seems as if most Naruto fighting games fans won't be able to get their hands on an official Ninja games play set any time soon, Joygames has teamed up with a toy company that could allow for some rather imaginative set pieces to be put together."Unfortunately, though, the footage is only a tease for what's to come, as the clip simply focuses on a camouflaged cargo plane flying from a Joygames airfield toward the skyline of Clash of ninja online, with the mod's developers failing to offer an official release date.So far, it seems as though many major publishers are playing it safe when it comes to the Ninja games online, taking a wait-and-see approach before throwing support behind the system.

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