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Home Brewing Beer - The 8 Great Health Benefits

One thing that many starter kits do not include is bottles to put your new homebrew in. And not just any bottles will do, you need the older style bottles whose caps do not screw on. Interestingly, most brew kits will include the Home Brewing Beer bottle capping tool and the bottle caps.

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You will need a Pyrex or Bomex Erlenmeyer flask or a glass jug the size of your starter, plus some head space room. You will need dry malt extract (DME), a liquid yeast vial or pack, yeast nutrient and water.

Home Brewing Beer

Most of the standard kits you can buy for beer home brewing are much less than a hundred dollars and these kits are meant to last you a lifetime -- though many, many batches of homebrew. You might consider it an investment in your family's grocery bill if it means cutting down on the beer you buy from the store! Of course each batch of learn to homebrew requires a new set of ingredients including the malt and yeast that you use and anything else you might put into your beer such as fruit or honey. But these additives are generally very reasonably priced and a large jar of some additives can last you for several dozen batches of beer.

So, if you want to jump on this great idea, you need to purchase a home brewing beer kit that includes a keg, a tap, and other supplies you will need, such as hops and containers. A home brew beer kit will only cost you about $20. And, for your $20 investment, you can learn to home brew using kegs. Once you get a taste of the final product, you will never go back to any other way again.

However, it is worth noting that Home Brewing Beer is not for everyone. The first big disadvantage is that if you don't brew your beer correctly image you could end up with a concoction that tastes horrible; something that you would not be proud of serving up to your friends. Even if you know what you are doing, just one mistake could lead to a ruined batch of beer both in looks and taste.

Strainer. It will need to fit in the opening of your fermenting container so you'll be able to pour the wort through it. People will complain if your home brew has things floating in it. This will prevent that.
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