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How To Stop Smoking Weed Immediately

If you want to know how to stop smoking weed and imageyou understand you have a significant problem with quitting you might need a couple of mental tricks which will help you not only battle the cravings but can eventually move your entire paradigm of thinking to that of a non-pot smoker.

Sounds too great to be true? Well just using these mental techniques won't get you the complete way but they are a great dependence on the war chest you can create to combat your addiction and become free of Marijuana once and for all!

Quitting Weed Tips

1-Repetition - This might sound stupid but most of us learn by repetition and we are able to all change how exactly we think by repetition. There is a saying a lie told frequently enough will become a truth and even if you feel that getting free of pot may be a lie if you repeat it frequently enough you can change how you think.

Find a quite place with no interruptions each day and find a couple of phrases that are just how you need to think such as for example "I am altogether control of my smoking, I really do not need to smoke today nor ever!", make sure you are completely calm and mention this to yourself over and over again for quite a few minutes. Not only is this relaxing nonetheless it is some sort of meditation and self hypnosis that can imprint those phrases into your subconscious.

2- RUBBER BAND Therapy - Again this may seem odd but it has been proven to be effective for many smokers looking to quit marijuana and cigs. Wear an rubber band around your wrist on a regular basis so when you start thinking thoughts about smoking cigarettes and the cravings begin pull on that rubber band and snap it back with enough push to cause some discomfort.

Simply no I am not really a sadist! What this does could it be creates a pavlovian response within your brain that links thoughts of cigarette smoking pot with pain and that means you will begin to avoid thinking those thoughts and they'll be transferred to the 'stuff to be avoided' folder in your brain.

For more about how to stop smoking weed that runs beyond simple techniques and delves further into the psychological issues that cement addiction into peoples lives you need a guide by anyone who has been in your situation and walked a mile in your shoes or boots.
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