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Players can obtain free redemption chances in Clash Of Ninja

That's right, select attack slots no longer have to be dedicated to moves such as Cut, Strength, Surf, or Fly, because Joygames has implemented a means of allowing gamers to simply summon 'Naruto' in lieu of forcing semi-permanent moves on the user's party of beasts.The dataminer, who goes by Ninja games on Reddit, poured through tons of unused content within Naruto SLG's PC content and found a handful of weapons not currently available in the game.This tale is only enhanced through the emotion that characters are better able to convey following an overhaul of the on-screen human models, but these tweaks have come at a cost.
One dataminer discovered some hidden treasures in Naruto SLG that hint at the possibility of microtransactions coming to the game.And of course look forward to new Ninja games on Clash Of Ninja's planned free SLG content coming soon.The fact that a Joygames game is going through development hell will come as little surprise to any familiar with the developer's games.Content and feature additions, while there are one or two, will not be the focus of the Naruto clash of ninja.Technical issue fixes are also in quantity, including Joygames naruto optimizations and crash fixes.

Of course, it doesn't hurt that gamers can now traverse the ecosystem without having a single Hero at their disposal.The result is today's launch of Clash Of Ninja's "Naruto clash of ninja," the multiplayer shooter's first major patch.Associated level 80 gears and gold will also be included, so if you've been on a Clash Of Ninja hiatus, this is a good jump start back into the game world.Yes, Naruto SLG were a focus for Clash Of Ninja in the Naruto clash of ninja.And while it's not a certainty, the evidence is pretty compelling.​

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